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    Tea Towel – Bright Tui


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    – Bold and bright full colour tea towel.
    – Features the native New Zealand Tui on yellow.
    – Made of 100% heavyweight cotton.
    – Designed in New Zealand.
    – Measures 500 x 700mm.

    Brand:100% NZ
    GTIN: 0799600567630MPN: BTTTBrand: 100% NZ

    In stock

    An iconic Tui design by New Zealand artist and photographer Reuben Price, featured on a vibrant yellow cotton tea towel.

    About New Zealand Tui

    Endemic to New Zealand, Tui are iridescent green with a reddish brown back. They have two white throat tufts forming a bib under its chin. The neck has a lacy white collar of very fine white feathers.

    Tui are the dominant honeyeater in New Zealand, being aggressive and pugnacious, which accounts for their successful survival on the mainland throughourt NZ. They vigorously chase other Tui and other species from their feeding and breeding territories, which they strongly defend. They are often seen diving vertically at great speed when chasing birds.

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