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    La Boucle

    The only belt you will ever need. Designed and crafted in Belgium. Founded by designers Frederik and Arnaud and fueled by the "buy less, buy better" spirit, the La Boucle belt has been designed with comfort, style, and versatility at the forefront. Utilising a high quality stretchable fibre made from 50% polypropelene, 25% cotton and 25% elastic, the belt can stretch and carry up to 520kg, making it durable for many years of wear, while vegetable-tanned leather sourced from an Italian tannery is used for the details. The metal alloy used for the belt buckle is also undetectable by airport scanners, saving from the hassle of removing it when walking through customs. The classic design means that it is versatile throughout different occasions in the day. The stretchable belt can fit all sizes and does not contain the usual belt holes seen in most standard belts - meaning it can virtually fit any waist size. True sustainability is when you can wear a belt for many years to come.

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