Square Succulent Planter Pot – White

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– Specifically designed for Succulents.
– With plenty of air vents and holes for good airflow and fast drainage.
– Root controlling slots to guide root growth and prevent circling and rot.
— Made from food grade PP material.
– Sturdy construction and good quality.
– Comes in two sizes which measure 6cm or 7cm upper inner width.
– Choose from 3 pack or 6 pack.

Are you one of those people who hangs their head in shame whenever we tout succulents as the easiest plants to grow? You’re not alone, trust us. We found most of the time, people can’t keep their succulents babies alive and thriving due to 3 reasons: lack of air ventilation, root circling and poor water drainage. While these sound complicated, you can easily get them all sorted by replacing your old pot with our Square Succulent Planter Pot by Meshpot.

This planter pot is specifically designed for succulents — such as Cactaceae(Cactus),Aizoaceae (Lithops),Crassulaceae, Aloaceae Batsc and Euphorbiaceae. It has slots to guide plant root downwards to the bottom of the pot, preventing root circling. The large number of bottom and side holes provide good drainage as well as necessary air flow for the root to breathe.

Made with sturdy and durable non-toxic PP material, the pot can be used for several years.

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