Natural Hayfever & Sinus Remedy Mist

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– An effective natural hayfever relief spritzer.
– Helps ease the symptoms of hayfever and other respiratory problems.
– Safe for skin absorption.
– Made lovingly by hand in Gisborne, NZ with organic ingredients.
– Size: 200ml.

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This has to be the most effective natural hayfever relief product out. Hundreds of people in NZ who suffer from severe hayfever allergies are raving about how this 100% natural product really does work!

A natural calming antihistamine spritzer which helps ease the symptoms of hayfever and other respiratory problems. Oils used are known to ease headaches, enhance cognitive performance, are anti-inflammatory providing an instantaneous cooling and calming effect.

What to do: Hold bottle half an arms length away and pump 2-3 sprays at the nose – closing eyes, inhale as best you can. You may experience slight tingling on the skin especially when you are using for the first time, this is normal & know that it is safe for the skin (like a facial toner). Feel the clearing benefits of working almost instantly. Safe for skin absorption. However, use with caution if you have sensitive skin – in this case its best to cover eye area and inhale mist, or mist onto a tissue or cotton cloth to inhale in from (so it is not touching the skin).

P.S – Our wonderful spritzer has been reported to help cure snoring!

Note: Please use with care with babies or if pregnant – this product contains peppermint (menthol) and rosemary (very diluted less than 1%). Not recommended for epileptics. Seek advice from your medical practitioner if you have concerns. This is a natural product containing oils known to assist and relieve, however we can’t guarantee it will cure hayfever.

Ingredients: *Organic

Purified Aqua, Rosmarinus Officinalis* (Rosemary), Cymbopogon Flexuosus* (Lemongrass), Syzgium Aromaticum* (Clove Bud), Lavandula Angustifolia* (Lavender), Mentha Avensis* (Peppermint) and Limnanthes Alba * (Meadow Foam Seed Oil)

Rosemary – promotes cognitive performance, good for memory and is an anti-inflammatory oil
Lemongrass – provides relief from respiratory disorders and nasal blockages
Clove Bud – Anti-inflammatory, stress relief, eases headaches and is cooling clearing the nasal passage
Lavender- natural antihistamine, calming
Peppermint – cooling and anti-inflammatory, provides instantaneous relief clearing respiratory tract

*Not suitable for early pregnancy – please contact for our options*

O.R.A is a local Gisborne business creating handcrafted therapeutic aromatherapy wellness and skincare to enhance well-being naturally for the body, mind and spirit. Making your simplistic ordinary routines of the everyday into a ritual.


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