AuraSong Himalayan Salt Lamp & Bluetooth Speaker

NZD $46.99

– Himalayan salt lamp combined with a speaker to create the perfect ambience.
– Features a wood-look base and four different glowing light modes.
– Easy connection to most Bluetooth enabled devices.
– Rechargeable battery so you can listen to your favourite tunes again and again.

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Create a blissful atmosphere in your space with the AuraSong Himalayan Salt Lamp & Bluetooth Speaker! With four different glowing light modes and HD sound you can create your own soothing light and sound therapy. Sit back and take in colourful, shimmering mood lights while the all-natural Himalayan salt acts as an air ioniser – capturing harmful particles and pollutants. A long-lasting rechargeable battery and bluetooth connectivity means you can take your speaker anywhere you need to zen out. Your ultimate relaxation accessory!

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