Shots & Ladders Drinking Game

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– A fun drinking game based on the family classic for up to 6 players.
– Drink your way up or drink you way down. Either way, take a shot!
– Includes 6 shot glasses, glass game board and one playing dice.
– Package size: 33.0(L) x 8.0(W) x 33.0(H) cm.
– Comes in colour box.

Sold out

If you’re planning a big night out you have to start it off with some pre-drinks! This Shots & Ladders Drinking Game challenges steady Neddys to take a shot, or two, and loosen up in style. Will it be truth, dare or a shot?

How to play:
1. Prepare to play by filling the shot glasses with your beverage of choice. Each shot glass features a unique target icon so you can easily keep track of yours.
2. Each player takes their turn by rolling the die, then moving their shot glass forward the same number of squares as the number shown on the die.
3. If you land on…
The base of a ladder – move to the square at the top of the ladder;
The top of a rope – swing down to the square at the bottom of the rope;
Take a shot – Drink your shot, then refill;
Double shot – Take two shots! Then refill;
Give a shot – Choose another player to drink their shot, then refill;
Truth or dare – Pick a truth to answer, or a dare to perform. Rest of the player decide on the question or dare.
Keep taking turns until someone reaches the finish!

Please note: This game is for ages 18+. Please drink responsively.


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