Miniature Yoga Mini Air Planter – Sukhasana Namaste

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– Miniature Yoga pose planter.
– A ceramic planter specifically designed for air plants.
– Product dimensions: Height 10cm x Width 6cm x Depth 6cm.
– Comes in a beautifully designed gift box.
– Makes a perfect gift for air plant lovers as well as yoga enthusiasts.
– Designed in Cornwall, UK.

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Bring the zen to your living space with this miniature planter specifically designed for air plants. Air plants are easy to care for and don’t need soil or a lot of light to thrive, so you can relax and work on your favourite yoga poses. Namaste!

About Sukhasana

Also referred to as ‘Easy Pose’, Sukhasana is a seated yoga position often used for meditation.

Practice Sukhasana

Be seated with your legs crossed, keeping your back straight. Placing your palms together at the centre of your chest will help to improve posture. Close your eyes…

Take deep breaths, focusing your mind on each inhale and exhale. If you’re new to meditation, do this for a few minutes each day when work your way up to longer durations.

Benefits of Meditation

Helps to reduce stress;
Improve concentration;
Lowers heart rate;
Improves blood circulation

A beautiful collection of gifts and home accessories designed in Bude, North Cornwall.


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