Mini Hornit Bike/Scooter Light and Horn – Blue/Red

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– Wings clip on to fit all bikes and scooters
– White safety lights (12 lumens)
– Funky green lights (12 lumens)
– 25 sound effects
– Remote trigger (no need to take hands off handlebars)
– IP33 (weather proof)

Sold out

The Hornit Mini really will lead the way on any family bike ride and take you all on an exciting adventure into the savannah. Encounter elephants, hunt with the wolf pack or wander into the lion’s lair in a few clicks of the remote trigger. The Hornit Mini lights up their imaginations almost as much as it lights the way ahead … in flashing green and white.

Product Information:

25 sounds
Bike Bell – Olé Trumpet – Racing Cars – Police Siren – Motorbike – Laser – Helicopter – Fire Engine – Fart – Magic Spell – Aeroplane – Hooter – Burp – Wolf – Rooster – Lion – Elephant – Horse – Hornet – Magic Carpet – Bomb Drop – Reversing Truck – Train – Klaxon – Zapper

Dimensions & weight
HORN 98mm(l) x 44mm(w) x 36mm(h) 60g
TRIGGER 355mm(l) x 20mm(w) x 9mm(h) 10g

TYPE 2 x AAA batteries 24g

Product FAQs:

How does it fit to my bike/scooter?
The two stretchy wings fit around all bikes and scooter handlebars and will keep the Hornit Mini securely in place. It has been designed so children can mount and remove the Hornit Mini in seconds.

Why is there an optional remote trigger?
On a scooter, the child’s hands are much closer together and so a remote trigger isn’t normally needed for their thumbs to safely reach the buttons. However, on a bike, it’s rarely easy to mount the Hornit Mini next to their hands so the trigger enables them to make the selected sound safely (without having to take their hands off the handlebars).

Mini Horn & Bike Light - Blue/RedMini Horn & Bike Light - Blue/RedMini Horn & Bike Light - Blue/Red


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