Japanese Style Deep Frying Pot

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– Removable top with built-in oil strainer.
– Deep pot body.
– Comes with a thermometer for precise temperature control.
– Easy to clean.
– Material: Stainless Steel (304).
– Capacity: 2.65L.
– Weight: 810g.
– Makes a great gift for food lovers.

Sold out

Do you indulge in some delicious crispy tempura from time to time? Does it not turn out as you wanted? That might be because you don’t have the right utensil, which is why you need this Japanese Style Deep Frying Pot. Now you will be able to fry all those goodies without excess oil splatter and mess.

The Japanese Style Deep Frying Pot is made of high-class 304 stainless steel, which packs strength in the long run. The shiny silver pot is visually appealing and elegant to the eye. The cooking process will stand out from the rest with a significant deep size. The pan is also lightweight, which makes it easy to transfer place to place.

Please note: Do not soak the thermometer in water. Clean it with cloth wipes.

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