Eugy 3D Cardboard Puzzle – Fantail

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– 3D cardboard model kit for creating your own Fantail.
– Suitable for age 6 years and up.
– Assembly takes 10-20 minutes.
– Each individual piece is numbered.
– Just glue together in numerical sequence.
– Non-toxic glue and instructions included.
– Packaging Dimensions: 8cm x 16cm x 2.5cm.
– Reddot Award winner 2022.
– Designed in New Zealand.

Sold out

Fantail/pīwakawaka – Known for its friendly “cheet cheet” call and energetic flying antics, the aptly named fantail is one of the most common and widely distributed native birds on the New Zealand mainland. Named after their beautiful fan shaped rear, fantails can also “dance” in front of people and animals to lure in the insects they will catch!

This 3D cardboard model kit contains everything you need to put together your own Fantail. All that’s required is to push out the shapes from the perforated cardboard and use the included non-toxic glue to secure them together.

Good for nature AND for you! EUGY encourage creativity as well as being environmentally friendly. So go on…bring home your wild!

Here at Dodoland, our products come straight from nature! The cardboard used for these products is made of recyclable material that can entertain children and also be reused for many generations. Have fun by piecing together this life-like model one by one! Increase your concentration with precision; grow your creativity with imagination!
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