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    Chocolate – Horopito & Kawakawa 95g


    – Spiced ginger notes with cardamom, allspice and a gentle peppery finish.
    – 95g.
    – Made with 66% cocoa beans
    – Handcrafted from bean to bar in Dunedin, New Zealand.

    GTIN: 9421903484062MPN: OCB-HK95Brand: OCHO

    Sold out

    Native horopito leaves and kawakawa berries deliver a spicy, peppery kick. The horopito & kawakawa are ground with the 66% cacao Papua New Guinea chocolate for a smooth and creamy mouthfeel.

    Papua New Guinea cacao beans (66%), sugar, horopito leaf, Kawakawa berries.

    This is chocolate you can feel good about enjoying. All our cacao beans are sourced directly from our neighbours in the Pacific Islands, so we can ensure the farmers get a fair price. Then, every step of the simple, hands-on, bean-to-bar process is done under one roof, in Dunedin. Delicious proof that chocolate can be good for growers, makers and eaters alike.

    Sorted, roasted, cracked, winnowed, aged, tempered and moulded into bars by us.

    The Roast
    We lightly roast our cacao beans, to release the subtle flavours.

    Good old-fashioned, simple, hands-on processes make our chocolate so smooth and creamy.

    Tasting Tip
    To get the full flavour, let the chocolate melt a little in your mouth.


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